It doesn't matter how small, large or complex of a project, if your company depends on land transport to get goods delivered to customers, we will ensure it gets there in the fastest, most cost-effective way.

Whether it’s a single skid, a full tractor-trailer, or several thousand ton unit industrial boiler, SINO ARABIA has the team, solutions, equipment and global network of terminals to move any kind of freight, anywhere in the world on time and within budget.

Whichever services we recommend, we always ensure your product will arrive within the specified timeframe.

SINO ARABIA is your one source for reliable transportation logistics for your distribution and trucking. We operate from 1 ton truck to 24 ton trailers be it flat bed, side curtain or refer trailers. SINO ARABIA operates specialized equipment like Low beds Trailers, Extension Trailers, Hydraulic Trailers and Self Propelled Modular Trailers and installation equipment. We are specialized for direct delivery from all sea ports of Kuwait.

We offer a wide range of guaranteed services with a wide selection of vehicles to meet your local delivery needs, as well as solutions that leverage our dedicated fleet when required. SINO ARABIA can offer convenient and economical transportation Services for whole GCC.

SINO ARABIA offers smaller trucks for airfreight shipments from airport to final destination.